CooleyFLY Chronicles (Hosted By: DJ Breakem Off)

by Jay Dot Rain

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released February 15, 2013

I'm a firm believer in dreams. i believe in God, and I had to put all my faith in him that he'd make this idea of mine come to life. Here we are. 2nd Mixtape. A lot of long nights, nights we wasted time, drunken nights and even sleepless nights....through it all we still managed to drop this thing ON time. There are so many people I wanna thank, so if i forget or don't mention you, it doesn't mean that I don't thank you, by all means.

FIRST THINGS FIRST, i gotta start this thing off with my niggas. my team. the family. Wynt, Teezy, Pluto, Jerr, & Kamarr. Without y'all i'm pretty sure this CooleyFLY
shit would be nonexistent. I'm so glad I got niggas like y'all that hold me down, and tell me when shit is yes men in our circle. Y'all motivate me everyday to go harder. 2013 is ours.

Ma, Granny, Pops, Darius, whole fam. I love y'all. I know this music stuff is fairly new to y'all....but just gimme to the end of the year. all this will make sense.

To Waybee, my nigga, my rib, my nerve. thx for being so understanding. this shit is very difficult and time consuming. i love you very much, kid.

To the KADETS. God put us together for a reason. Thank y'all for being so supportive of my vision and having my back 100%.

My niggas Deon, Rodney, Kylvin, MurnMalone, the whole crew. Love ya'll niggas.

To my mentor/role model Corey "CP", only God knows how much you've done for me in the past year & a half. I'm excited to see all the shit we finna make happen, musically, visually all that. You told me be patient, I think it's my time.

Pastor AD...Thank you for being such an inspiration and also showing me its okay to praise God and be comfortable about doing it in public.

To My KreativSole Fam (Tee, Fitch, Tims, East, Joy, Fish, CMoe, Ty, Dev, Dre Electronica) y'all are the shit. I still don't know my Jordan numbers well as fuck, but at least i know how to swag in that streetwear.

To Team Bad Crowd/1987 (Houndstooth, Bo, Menard, Courtland, Que, Dez, Ru) All of y'all are creative and dope in your own way. I'm glad we finally got on the same page creatively. It's only up from here.

To anybody I left out, don't take it personal, I really appreciate all the support. Whether it was a tweet, a like on instagram, and repost of a video, it all helped.

This CD is Dedicated to my big brother Corey "Stink" Hammond. I also wanna dedicate this to my frat brother and friend Tre Jones, and my auntie Jacqueline Cotton-Anders. May y'all rest in peace. I love y'all.


- Jay Dot




Jay Dot Rain Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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twenty-two. student. i do music. bred in the souf.

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